‘Three in One’ Diploma in Christian Primary Education (DCBO)

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Christian education stands or falls by the way teachers provide structure and content in the classroom. That calls for not only the necessary training but also targeted reflection which fully supports teachers in studying for the DCBO (Diploma in Christian Primary Education).

The Besturenraad undertakes various activities on behalf of all Christian schools to ensure the quality of the DCBO is maintained at a good level and that training institutes continue to create sound content. This content is, of course, tailor-made and leads happily to much diversity in practice.

The brochure ‘Three in One’ Diploma in Christian Primary Education (DCBO) consists of three separate documents with a shared cohesion:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Core Objectives
  • Assessment Framework

The brochure is composed  for teacher training in primary education with a DCBO-license and Protestant-Christian primary schools. When the DCBO visitation cycle of 2006-2010 expired, it was time to revise the assessment framework. It was also time to develop both the core objectives and the religion/philosophy (R/I) knowledge base in Protestant-Christian primary education, and that was done in 2011. Both are important building blocks for working with the new assessment framework.

With the new Assessment Framework in place the new visitation cycle 2012 is being started.

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